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April 29, 2009

It’s Wednesday.  I am at 174lbs.  I had a great ride yesterday, but today it is raining.  Will I really ride my trainer?  We’ll see…

One of the problems I have with losing weight is that it is so time-consuming.  I’m ok with the time you spend working out.  But the time you spend eating 7 times a day – the energy you put into having to think about it every moment of every day – the constant battle to remember to eat, and what to eat – it feels as if you have to constantly focus on your weight.  It wears on me.

Speaking of which, it is 9am, I’ve already missed my first feeding…


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Ok.  We’ll try this again.  I just spent an hour writing this post and then my computer hiccupped and it was all gone.

I have a ride tonight.  The sky has cleared, no worry of a rain-out.  The doctor’s office weighed me in at 175.2lbs today.  I have been successful with my protein/vegetable diet for 8 days.  I am back on my regualr dose of levothroxin.  I am having trouble with the ‘eat 100 cal every 1hr’ plan.  I keep forgetting to eat, keep forgetting to reset my alarm.  When I remember, I’m too hungry & over-eat.

Starting tomorrow, 4/29, I’m going to try 200 cal every 2hr.  8-10-12-2-4-6-8.  At 10am & 6pm, it will be 400 cal.  That gives me a total for the day of  1800 cal.

I cycle 1hr 15m every day except Thursday.  Thursday I weightlift for 2hr.  This is the calculator I am using to measure calories burned. 

At 175lbs, and a speed of 13amph cycling, for 60min burns 635 cal.

At 175lbs, moderate weightlifting for 2hr burns 238 cal.

That leaves another 23hrs unaccounted for.

At 175lbs, sleeping for 420min (7hr) burns 525 cal.

At 175lbs, sitting at my desk working for 420min (7hr) burns 583 cal.

Now I’m down to 9 unaccounted hours. I cook 7 small meals each day, at least 1hr of cooking total. Non-active activities burn approx 83 cal per hr.

At 175lbs, cooking 1hr burns 208 cal.

At 175lbs, non-active activities 8hr burns 664 cal.

664+208+583+525+635=2615 cal per day.

2615-1800=815 calorie deficit per day.

3500/815=1 pound of loss every 4.29 days  [corrected, thank you, Sansom]

So, I calculate:

9lbs week 1 & 2               you lose the most weight in the first 2 weeks

4.5lbs week 3 & 4           your metabolism begins to slow week 3 – 8

4.5lbs week 5 & 6

4.5lbs week 7 & 8

3.75lbs week 9 & 10          The last 5 -8 lbs is always hard, by this point; you are

3.75lbs week 11 & 12          highly metabolically resistant_________________


Rode 1hr51m

According to the calculator, that is 1322 calories burned.  Now today was not a restrictive calorie day, but it’s important to burn a good number of calories every day.

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I am going to find a way to write this down.  Maybe later today…

I did not ride today.  It’s important that I post this as I need to see if missing rides becomes a habit.  It was supposed to rain this morning, so I scheduled work for my ride time.  Then I spent all day thinking- ‘any moment now I’ll stop & go ride the trainer’. But I never did.

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