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July 16, 2009

Weigh-in, 165lbs.  I need to be at 163lbs by Monday.  I feel good about this.  Today is Thursday.  It is a rest day, no riding or running.  Next week will be a busy week.  I have several more Dr appointments scheduled.  On Wednesday, the gastro Dr, to see if I have a fructose sensitivity.  Thursday, the cardiologist for a chest xray & stress test.  Then they send me off to meet with a pulmonary Dr, to check out my lungs.  The following week, on Wednesday, back to the cardio Dr for the results of the xray & stress test.  Then on August 4th, back to the new Dr. (the internist) to rerun my thyroid & cholesterol numbers.  Off to work for me…


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Today I reset my goal weight chart.  I spent several weeks thinking about this.  I am 12lbs behind in my schedule and I don’t feel I can make that up, based on how things have gone.  So, instead of beating myself up, I adjusted my timeframe.  I started this at 180lbs, in the latter part of March.  Today I weigh 166lbs.  I am happy and proud of this.  For now, it is enough.  I have said before, I didn’t get this big overnight, I’m not going to lose it in a few short weeks.  (I still have the old chart posted at the bottom of May 21,2009)

I am not on some crazed mission to be thin & beautiful.  I’ve always been beautiful to me, what I want is to be healthy as I age.  And that cannot be done carrying 35 extra pounds around.  The initial schedule was good, healthy, moderate timeframe.  It just didn’t happen.  Since I have kept dieting & exercising, this is not a failure, merely an adjustment.  It’s going to take a little longer to get there.  But I know I’ll get there.  ; )

I am excited again.  Next Monday, on 07/20/2009, I need to be at 163lbs.  I have the bike/run/bike/run/bike/run tonight.  Tomorrow I rest.  Friday I have a 25 mile ride that includes a 3.5 mile race simulation, followed by a 3 mile run.  27 mile beginner ride Saturday & a 30 mile intermediate ride Sunday.  That is 5200 calories burned.  If I watch my food intake, I could be at 163lbs on Monday!

I wanted to post my schedule so I can track the craziness.  My new goal date is September 21, 2009.  That is 5 days before the Conquer The Coast ride in Corpus Christi.  I wanted to be smaller so I could surf  the waves after the ride.  I wanted to not be fat when we spin fire at the bonfire BBQ on the beach that night.  I want my beautiful daughter Cass to come & surf with me that day. This is possible!! (but I gotta start weight training to make my arms stronger)

05/25/2009 –        172lbs                               actual – 171lbs

06/01/2009 –    167.5lbs                                actual – 174lbs

06/08/2009 – 165.25lbs                                 actual – 174lbs

06/15/2009 –        163lbs                                did not weigh in

06/22/2009 – 160.75lbs                                 actual – 167lbs     7lbs over goal

06/29/2009 –    158.5lbs                                 actual – 165lbs     6.5lbs over goal

07/06/2009 – 156.25lbs                               RESET SCHEDULE

07/13/2009 –  165.25lbs                               actual – 167lbs    1.75lbs over goal

07/20/2009 –       163lbs                                actual – 165lbs     2lbs over goal

07/27/2009 – 160.75lbs                               actual – 165lbs     5lbs over goal

08/03/2009 –   158.5lbs                                 actual – 167lbs     8.5lbs over goal

08/10/2009 – 156.25lbs                                 actual – 167lbs     10.75lbs over

08/17/2009 –      154.lbs                                 actual – 163lbs      9lbs over goal

08/24/2009 – 152.12lbs

08/31/2009 – 150.24lbs

09/07/2009 – 148.36lbs

09/14/2009 – 146.46lbs

09/21/2009 – 144lbs                  Goal Weight

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Wow, two whole weeks without posting.  Weigh-in this morning has me at 167lbs.  Post-ride was 166lbs.   I cheated over the weekend.  I spent a week & a half being sick, somehow convinced myself the only way to survive was with chocolate cake & ice cream.  What I found interesting is the illness was brought on after consuming sugar. 

I know this sounds crazy, but it happens every single time I go back to sugary foods.  Almost as if it weakens my immune system.  I eat the sugary food and get a full-blown sinus infection.  It starts in my head & does not go away until it works it’s way into my chest.  So strange.

I want to talk about food addictions.  But before I do, I want to say out loud again what I did on Monday morning.  I rode 27 miles on the bike, then I ran (yes, me, running, not walking) 3 complete miles.  It was amazing and I am so happy.  Now, we had a hill-climbing clinic scheduled for last night.  About 2pm yesterday afternoon, I went to stand up from my desk and discovered I could barely walk.  It was hilarious!!  And none of you know it but, man, I was in so much pain teaching how to climb hills last night.  Ha!!

So, food addictions.  I’ve been talking with a lot of people and I don’t think they understand it.  Many of them think it is just that they eat way too much, like they lack the ‘willpower’ to control their eating.  Almost like they are compulsive overeaters.  What I’ve learned from all my all protein, high quality carb eating is that when you consume certain foods, it increases you appetite tremendously. 

So when I speak about food addictions, I’m talking about our bodies natural response to the types of food we eat, not our inability to control our eating.  This is not to be confused with true eating disorders, which I know nothing about.  But I know a lot of people that, with a diet that includes pasta, bread or potatoes, (or god forbid potatoes chips, fried or fast food)  see a large increase in their appetite – and they don’t have an eating disorder. 

I know for Guy & myself,  after eating food like that, it is as if someone flipped a switch & we are ravenously hungry no matter how much we ingest.  Going back to the protein- quality carb diet makes this go away.  After a few days, I can eat a 200 or 300 calorie meal & be satiated for several hours.  Now, if it was an eating disorder, it wouldn’t stop because I changed the type of food I eat.  Right?

What can be done?  First you have to see the problem, it is not your inability to control your appetite.  Certain foods trigger hunger in our system.  Removing them removes the intense hunger.  Puts us back in a place where we can consume a reasonable amount of food and feel satisfied.

Some foods are addictive & our bodies go through a period of intense cravings.  Removing them from our diet will cause our bodies to go through withdrawal symptoms.  But you have to understand this only lasts 4 or 5 days.  The benefit to working through the withdrawal from these foods is you feel better physically.  This happens to me every time.   After the withdrawal, I felt so much better. 

It takes anywhere from 5 to 10 days to completely clean your system of these ‘trigger’ foods.  Now that I am eating mostly protein with quality carbs, if I have a day where I eat poor quality carbs, I am only affected for a few hours, instead of days.  And suddenly I am in control.  I am still affected by stress, but it is a hundred times more manageable. 

Once you are able to see that certain foods cause you to overeat, you can work at modifying your diet so it is fueling your body to be healthy.  Do you remember that?  Food is fuel for our bodies.  So if what we are eating isn’t making us strong & healthy, we need to eat something else.  What you will find is it is much easier to control what you eat once you remove the trigger foods.

So many of these addictive foods cause depression.  And there are so many people running around depressed.  There must be some correlation.  Seems as though the Dr’s find it easier to throw dangerous medications at us instead of looking at possible causes such as diet, or disease.

Sugar has been linked to cancer, although I had difficulty disseminating the real info from the hype.  There is enough info out there to cause me to make some changes.  Sugar is highly addictive.  Something I’ve seen so many times with my diet modifications.  I’m going to continue to look into this.  I get crazy-hungry after eating sugary foods.

What is fueling your hunger?  What are you eating?  Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and remove certain foods for 10 days to see how you feel?  Ready to get responsible with your health?

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